We absolutely love our photographs! We are so pleased that we chose Lauren to capture our engagement photos as well as our wedding day. We have gotten so many compliments from friends and family. She is a genuine person, has a professional work ethic, is passionate about photography, and most of all was fun to work with! I was thrilled with turnaround time; I didn’t have to wait forever to get the photos back. Shortly after returning from our honeymoon, I received a cute package in the mail with a disc full of photos. Thank you again! We can’t wait to work with you again in the future! Not only is Lauren super talented, she’s also gorgeous! Thank you so much for capturing every detail of our special day. You are so easy going, I couldn’t have asked for anything more! I can’t stop looking through the photos.

  • Nicole

Lauren is an amazingly gifted photographer with the ability to capture the most beautiful images when we’d asked her to take portraits of our 15-year-old daughter. From the beginning to end, she didn’t disappoint. Lauren took the time in getting to know her, ensuring that what she had in mind was in-sync with her images that our daughter, Selena, envisioned. Honestly she exceeded all of our expectations and we ended up with the most stunning pictures of our daughter that we have ever seen! Thank you, Lauren, for making Selena’s experience one that she’ll never forget. You will always be our go-to photographer!

  • Rochelle

I became familiar with Lauren’s services on Facebook. I loved the photographs of ordinary folks whom she made look beautiful that she had been posting. One day she changed her profile photo to a stunning self-portrait, and I decided what she had done was exactly what I needed (several portraits for my website, Facebook, Houzz profiles, etc.). I wanted my photos to look professional but not too stuffy. Boy, she exceeded my expectations. We had a photo shoot in my workroom in Daly City. She choose parts of my office and workroom as the background that I would have never considered. She made every photograph look like it was a candid shot. I really enjoyed the experience too! The cherry on top was the beautifully wrapped package that included a CD with my photos. I received it less than a week after the photo shoot. Thank you, Lauren, for great services and beautiful photographs!

  • Madina

Thank you for being such an amazing photographer. You are so talented and amazing at what you do! Your love for your work shines through and is noticed by all. Continue to follow your dreams. We will always support your work! You have given us beautiful memories we can hold forever! Our wedding was perfect and you took part in that! Keep smiling, Lauren, God Bless you.

  • Jesyca

My husband and I renewed our wedding vows on our 30th anniversary. Lauren’s gift of photography has given us amazing and beautiful memories that will last a lifetime! It was all wonderful, but there is one part that stands out. Since my husband was seeing me for the first time in my wedding dress, right before the ceremony, I asked Lauren if she could capture that moment. When I asked her to do that I had no idea just how she could pull it off but she did! It was so sweet, the look on his face as we turned toward each other. It is a priceless moment that we will always have because of these beautiful photographs. We will always cherish them! Thank you so much Lauren!

  • Bonnie